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Me and my OPIO

My name is Hans Gatu and I am an engineer in electronics since the late 70's. I live in Sweden and I work as a design engineer in the electric, the electronic and the mechanical fields.

I have worked for big companies like Ericsson and ABB but also for small companies. I have also been a teacher in electronics, in tele-communications and in photography.

Engineering and techniques, of all kind, has always caught my interest. When I bought my OPIO I was actually looking for a Polar Diplomat. At the time, I did not find any, but then I happened to see the OPIO caravan. I could not resist to buy it. Later I also found, and bought, a Polar Diplomat. I started the restoration of it, while I already had started the restoration of the OPIO. Of different reasons, I scrapped the Polar Diplomat, though.

I have several different interests: Among my interests is amateur radio (see my other web site: www.HEATHKIT.nu). I also have a genuine interest in aviation. I began pilot school in 1981. I flew the Morane Saulnier SOCATA Rallye (M.S. 880), a French design with very good characteristics. Later the design was sold to Poland and was renamed to PZL Koliber (PZL 110). In 1982 I flew by my self for the first time.

PZL Koliber
PZL Koliber

Koliber cockpit
PZL Koliber  ( Real planes has a stick, not a wheel. The Rallye/Koliber is a real plane )

My pilot lessons was taking place at Hassleholm AeroClub. I have now landed permanently, due to economical reasons. I am still very interested in aviation though and I am a member of the F10 Fellowship Association at the former 10th Wing Airforce Base in the Swedish Airforce, where I did my military service in 1980. I was then an Aircraft Mechanic and I worked mostly with the J35F "Draken" fighter. At the former 10th Wing Airforce Base is now a very fine Airforce Museum. Another museum where I am a technician is the Hassleholm Military Museum. For some years I have been a K9 Dog Handler in the voluntary part of the Swedish Army, the National Home Guard. 

The K9 Dog Handler  (Click to enlarge the picture)

Other interests I have is Vintage Vehicles, Photography and Choir Singing (I sing the base in the Hassleholm Church Vocal Ensemble).

The Hassleholm Church Vocal Ensemble   (Click to enlarge the picture)

You can contact me at this e-mail address:


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